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Professional track record

JOIMA is a company with a solid professional track record since its establishment in 2003 in Torralba de Calatrava (Ciudad Real). Over these years, we have become recognized leaders in the sector, standing out for our experience and expertise in the manufacturing and distribution of stoves and heating products. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service has allowed us to grow and establish ourselves as a reliable choice for those seeking efficient and sustainable solutions for their homes. Trust in JOIMA’s experience and professionalism to meet your heating needs with top-notch products.



JOIMA is renowned for the exceptional quality of its stoves. We take pride in offering top-tier heating products that combine efficiency, durability, and outstanding performance. Our stoves are crafted with the finest materials and undergo rigorous quality controls to ensure optimal functionality and safety. With innovative features and attractive designs, our stoves provide cozy and reliable warmth, transforming your home into a comfortable space during the colder months. Trust JOIMA for high-quality stoves that will meet and exceed your heating expectations.

Environmental commitment

JOIMA is distinguished by its strong environmental commitment and sustainability. Our stoves are awarded the prestigious ECODESIGN 2022 certification, ensuring high energy efficiency and low environmental impact. We strive to surpass the most stringent standards for emissions and resource consumption. By choosing JOIMA, you can be confident that you are acquiring products that not only provide comfortable warmth but also contribute to environmental protection. Together, we work towards a more sustainable future.


JOIMA is recognized for its innovation in the development of stoves without electrical connection. Our revolutionary products allow you to enjoy cozy and efficient warmth without depending on electricity. Thanks to our pioneering approach, our stoves offer a sustainable and autonomous alternative for heating your home. With cutting-edge designs and technology, our electrical-free stoves are a smart choice for those seeking comfort and energy efficiency without compromising the environment. Trust JOIMA for innovative stoves that adapt to your needs and values.

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