Manufacturer of custom fireplace surrounds

If you are looking for a more economical model compared to static vacuum cleaners, our chimney caps are your optimal option. Because of their design, which serves the function of grouping together several chimneys or ducts that share a single exterior finish, they are essential for any type of home. Apart from that, they are highly recommended for forced ventilation systems. Placing the order is very simple. Tell us the length and width of your fireplace and we will make your custom finish. We are a finishing factory with extensive experience and that dedicates itself to its work with great commitment.

Chimney caps made of aluminum and galvanized steel

Our chimney caps are made of different materials. These are natural copper, natural aluminum, pre-lacquered aluminum, galvanized steel and Corten steel. Furthermore, the models made of aluminum and galvanized steel, those made of copper or pre-lacquered aluminum unfortunately not, can be adapted to your taste and the style of your home thanks to the possible lacquering with oven paint. You can choose from all the colors on the RAL chart.

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Wide variety of roof chimney finishes at a good price

At Joima we offer you a wide range of chimney finials so that you can find the model that best fits the aesthetics of your fireplace or roof at the best price. In each case, the base of the finish is designed to avoid the possibility of humidity, acting as a drip. At the same time, its design facilitates quick installation that will not exceed 10 minutes. Its installation is very easy and safe, since all you need is a drill and a 6mm drill bit. That not only saves time, but also costs. At the end of the day, at Joima we want to provide you with your optimal finish with the most decorative and functional result and at a good price.

Advantages of our product

The pellet stove with oven is highly efficient, as it uses small pellets of wood waste to generate heat. It is sustainable and friendly to the environment, emitting less CO2. In addition, it is versatile, allowing you to cook and bake food. Offering long-term cost savings and a wide variety of aesthetic home designs.

Money saver
No electricity needed
Eco friendly
2 year warranty