Best polyfuel wood stoves

Within the multi-fuel stoves we can find the Eco Valle model, this type of stove is characterized by the versatility they have in the use of their fuel. They use pellet fuel, pomace (olive pits), shells (pistachio, almond, etc.) and firewood. The interior of the stove is lined with vermiculite to protect the iron from high temperatures and prevent it from deforming. In addition, you must have at least three meters of 150mm pipe. If you cannot install a straight pipe in your home, you can add a 45-degree elbow.
Advantages of our product

The pellet stove with oven is highly efficient, as it uses small pellets of wood waste to generate heat. It is sustainable and friendly to the environment, emitting less CO2. In addition, it is versatile, allowing you to cook and bake food. Offering long-term cost savings and a wide variety of aesthetic home designs.

Money saver
No electricity needed
Eco friendly
2 year warranty