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JOIMA Warranty Conditions

HNOS. GARCIA JOIMA, S.L. guarantees its stoves to the end consumer who has purchased them, against any functional or manufacturing defects that may occur, provided that the sale is properly documented with an invoice or purchase receipt, proof, equivalent legal document attesting to the transaction, and the product is within the territorial scope of the sale under the conditions outlined below.

Content and Duration

The warranty provided by HNOS. GARCIA JOIMA, S.L. to its customers, as a manufacturer, complements and does not affect the rights of the consumer as provided for in the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of November 16, and modified by Royal Decree-Law 7/2021 of April 27.

In compliance with these warranty regulations, HNOS. GARCIA JOIMA, S.L. guarantees any defects in its products for a period of 24 months from the date of sale of the product, as proven by a legal document attesting to the transaction, at no cost to the user, provided that it is due to a manufacturing defect or faulty component. Unless proven otherwise, it will be presumed that defects appearing within the 24 months following the sale of the product already existed at the time of delivery.

HNOS. GARCIA JOIMA, S.L., in accordance with current regulations, informs you:

  • If the consumer is not satisfied with the received product, they can, through a statement, choose between repair or replacement, unless the chosen option is impossible to fulfill or disproportionate. This means that the chosen option may impose costs on the seller that are unreasonable compared to another option. In such a case, the price that the product would have if it were in conformity, the significance of the defect, and the inconveniences that the consumer may suffer if they opt for another solution will be assessed.
  • “Customized or made-to-measure products as per Law 3/2014 of March 27 (Article 103), which amends the LOCM Article 45 regarding the Consumer’s Right of Withdrawal and Return, do not apply in this case. If you purchase an item made to your specifications or clearly personalized, you cannot withdraw from the purchase contract once it is manufactured, even if it has not been delivered to you.”
  • While the repair is underway, the warranty periods are suspended from the moment the product is made available to the seller until it is returned after repair.
  • If the lack of conformity is not resolved, and HNOS. GARCIA JOIMA, S.L. has declared or it is evident that they will not repair or replace, the consumer may demand a proportionate price reduction.
  • The necessary expenses incurred to bring the products into conformity, especially shipping, transportation, factory repair labor, or materials, will be borne by HNOS. GARCIA JOIMA, S.L.

Exclusions from the Warranty

In the event of a call made to the Technical Service of HNOS. GARCIA JOIMA, S.L., this Warranty does NOT cover the following reasons, and the consumer will bear the full cost for:

  • Interventions without a product defect. Interventions requested for assessments, technical opinions, or similar. The HNOS. GARCIA JOIMA, S.L. Technical Service does not perform periodic product maintenance visits under this Commercial Warranty.
  • Installations, leveling, explanations of operation, removal of transport safety supports, unpacking of the product, and its commissioning.
  • Regular maintenance parts to be performed by the consumer, such as consumables, as well as wear and tear or aesthetic damage due to use, the use of abrasive products, or environmental causes.
  • Any intervention unrelated to the stove’s operation due to incorrect installation by the consumer, such as poorly placed or bent pipes, interventions due to foreign objects causing blockages in pipes or malfunction due to lack of chimney cleaning.
  • Damage resulting from scratches, dents, scratches, and dents that have not been reported within the stipulated period from delivery to the consumer.
  • The legal warranty does not cover damages or defects such as scratches, dents, corrosion, or rust caused by a chemical reaction due to the use of abrasive substances or because the product is installed in spaces with incorrect environmental conditions.
  • Damages due to force majeure (floods, disasters, etc.), those arising from disturbances, as well as confiscation, destruction, or confiscation by order of customs agents or other authorities.
  • Any damage not attributable to HNOS. GARCIA JOIMA, S.L.

Invalidation of the Warranty

The product warranty will be invalidated if:

  • Damage occurs due to accessories not approved by HNOS. GARCIA JOIMA, S.L., as well as those resulting from unauthorized repairs during the warranty period.
  • Manipulation of invoice data, purchase receipt, delivery note, or similar documentary evidence, manipulation of the product’s identifying license plate, or its absence.
  • Negligence, abusive use, and/or inadequate maintenance by the consumer. That is, breakdowns caused by failure to follow usage instructions and/or insufficient or incorrect maintenance.

Recommendations to the User in Case of Breakdown

VERY IMPORTANT It is mandatory to unpack the product on the day of delivery in the presence of the carrier, either using HNOS. GARCIA JOIMA, S.L.’s own means or through external transport companies, to check the good condition of the received product. Otherwise, any issues detected must be specified in the transport delivery note.

If no issues are specified in the delivery note, we assume that the product has arrived in optimal condition, and HNOS. GARCIA JOIMA, S.L. will not be responsible for future claims.

Read the stove’s instruction manual to acquire knowledge about its operation and start-up.

Carefully read the warranty conditions, exclusions, and invalidations. Remember that if the intervention is not due to a conformity defect, you will have to bear the full cost of the intervention.

Keep the purchase invoice on hand and identify the model of the purchased stove.

Call our Technical Assistance Phone, Tel. 926 811 311, providing the information mentioned in the previous paragraph in order to address your request.

Always demand documentary proof of the factory intervention.

HNOS. GARCIA JOIMA, S.L. also has a Consumer Information and Help Center to which you can turn to resolve any doubts related to our products, Service organization, Instruction Manuals, warranty advice, and complaints handling.

Consumer Information and Help Center Phone: 926 811 311

Consumer Information and Help Center Email: